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New Windows - Lake Dunmore, VT

This family's lake home flooded over the winter due to an ice dam. The house was built in the 1970s by their father, so it's special to them and they wanted to make sure any repairs didn't significantly change the appearance of the home. 

The wood windows were aging and rotting (there were some fist-sized holes around some!) so we took them out and replaced them with architectural windows from Anderson. 

A lot of effort went into matching the interior trim and stain, but in the end the new trim blended in nicely with the old.

On the outside, we needed to remove and replace some exterior siding due to rot as well. It wasn't possible to match the siding exactly, but we were able to match the paint.


We completed this job over the winter and the family will be able to enjoy their home for many summers to come. 

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